Saturday, October 10, 2015


This voyage goes on and on.

We hope.

Join me aboard Planet Earth, the Cosmos’ most luxurious vessel.

There is no Captain.

There are no Ports Of Call.

It’s just us.

Riding "The Ride Of Life".

Round and round we go.

Where it stops, nobody knows.

Whatta ya think's gonna happen next on our voyage through the Universe?

Who knows, but Cosmic Yachting will make it a lot more fun.

We're all along for the ride on this one.

Might as well enjoy the excursion!

Cosmic Yachting provides a refreshing break from the more serious material you'll find via the link below.

At Shoreline Earth, you will discover a deeply insightful look at Sea Level Rise and its effect on Earth's Shorelines, along with ideas about what to do in preparation.

This is going to become pretty intense stuff.

We are facing life changing events with knowledge aforethought.

That has not happened often, if ever, during our voyage of discovery and survival on Planet Earth.

We usually find ourselves responding and reacting like chickens with our heads cut off, after the fact, not with advance knowledge.

And, for better or worse, this is all occurring at a time when we have instant global communication of every person's every thought on every subject.

A lot of people with very little knowledge have a lot of thoughts about Sea Level Rise.

So far, confusion reigns.

Shoreline Earth will help cut through the fog.

Take a look.

You'll be glad you did.

But, for now, enjoy some Cosmic Yachting.

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This should set the tone.

Cosmic Yachting occupies my free time, while learning about impending change and its effect on our future.

It has taken a long while, so there are a lot of pleasant distractions to present.

Like this...



I hope you appreciate these diversions enough to stay tuned, and take the time to absorb thSea Level Rise info.

There's much more still to come.

We'll have to learn to 'Go With The Flow' as Sea Level rises.

'The Flow' is inland, up and away from our present shorelines.

Heads up!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Down To Biznis...

Let's get started.

Next, we'll do some interior design and furnishings.

Cosmic Yachting needs some positive cash flow to fully develop.

Consider this as your next home improvement.

Here's a nook I'm working on right now.

The table is made of old floor boards from an attic across the street.

Century old Hemlock.


The folding wooden chair came from a pile of salvaged trash.

The seat cushion is a drop cloth remnant.

The picture frames are made from scraps of Fir from a nearby deck, more of the old attic wood, and basic pine scrap that was nothing special, so I painted that one.

The walls and trim are done using leftover paint that I mixed and tinted to suit.

All together they make a cozy corner, don'tcha think?

You can have a nook like this in your house.

As big or as small as you like.

Have a seat, relax by the window, and picture how yours will look.

The total cost of material for this job is less than $100.

Most of that is for ink and paper to create the prints.

There's a lot of labor involved, and the intrinsic value of the old Hemlock makes this about a $1000 corner.

The prints are one of a kind.

They are my own original work.

The tables, shelves, and other wood accessories range in price from $100 to a few hundred.

If you have some interesting old wood or something that would make a good table base, we can easily work it in.

I have inventory to choose from when designing your space.

Your choice of a framed print is included in the price.

The entire area we do will also be one of a kind, to your specifications, and it will last as long as you like.

Long term enjoyment for about a grand.

And, the artwork and tables will appreciate in value from the day you put them in place.

You can bet on it.

Can't beat that, eh...!

Here's the same corner a few days later.

Expanded and complete.

Have a seat.

Let's talk about your nook.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Time To Lighten Things Back Up...

Right in the middle of the Sea Level Crisis, how about a song featuring the desert, just to cover all the bases.

Here's Townes Van Zandt doing Pancho and Lefty.

If you want to hear a beautiful version, here's Emmylou Harris.

Here's a great story about Emmylou and this song.

In the mid 80s, I was at the drummer Howie Wyeth's tiny home/studio in NYC, where the following happened.

Howie made arrangements for musicians in the city, put together bands, and was the driving force behind the only real music Bobby Dylan ever produced...the "Desire" album...check the drums on "Mozambique".

Emmylou arrived with a few guys in tow to rehearse for that evening's performance.

By the time things got settled, there were twelve guys and Emmylou in a space that barely left room to stand.

Well over half the space was filled with Howie's giant, king size bed, surrounded by an enormous set of drums.

The drummer sat like Buddha in the middle of it all and made things happen.

The band noodled and tuned until Emmylou said, "Lets start off with Pancho and Lefty."

She grew a wicked smile and looked around at each guy.

The song started.

When she got to the line about "he wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to feel", a bunch of ultra cool, super hip dudes were standing there with a hand in front of their crotch, looking foolish.

I think some of them had to change underwear after that.

True story, I can hear and see it now.

Emmylou was so sexy, and grinnin' so hard, it was staggering.

Back to Sea Level Rise for a moment, not exactly for a laugh, but you'll smile later for knowing.



More SLR...


Constructive foolishness again...

This is from several years back, during the height of The Anthropogenic Hot Air Crisis.

The idea is to create a "Humangasm Wave" that rolls through the atmosphere and generates good vibes around the Globe.

Each day at 4:00 PM, everyone stops and roars.

It is 4:00 PM in hourly succession from time zone to time zone.

The wave will be constantly amplified by a burst of our energy as time passes.

Give yourself some time.

Watch and listen to learn the rest.