Saturday, May 12, 2018

Toyin' with Trumpalooka...

Every second is a mad scramble, trying to keep all the balls in the air at once.

Then ya gotta fit in communicating over your gadget.

The bird that just flew over must be as important to the internet as it is to you.

Click, send.

Every cat is the Elvis of cats.

Mothered, smothered, omnipotent, and weird.


One of the balls is out of synch.

Wonder if the gadget has an app for that?

Best of luck in the future.

Stay tuned...!


"Toyin' with Trumpalooka" is an ongoing saga, happening in real time.

The apple cart has been upset, and ya can't put Humpty together again.

Heads up, kids!

This is gonna get hairy.

Meet DJ Trumpalooka...

AKA Poppin J Trumpalooka, Hip Hop DJ, rockin’ and boppin’ along.

He’s on roller skates, dressed in a clown suit like Bozo or Ronald McDonald, making his way around a Walmart parking lot.

His rainbow patterned, spandex unitard, topped with a flouncing pink neck ruffle, is a stunning sight to behold.

My vision is of Tweedledum or Tweedle Dee, morphed with one of those Joe Palooka punching bag dolls that wobble on a rounded base.

Sometimes down, but never out, Trumpalooka always pops back up.

The Joe Palooka blow up doll image is better if you see it as way over inflated, ready to burst at the slightest pinprick.

Let yourself imagine Trump’s existing hairdo, styled like Bozo, and returned to the orange color he sported for so long, before switching to the more presidential ash blonde tone currently in use.

His huge Boom Box features a TV screen.

Trumpalooka never misses anything.

That’s our representative to the world.

I worry about what's going to happen to him after he resigns.

He can get a morning radio show as DJ Trumpalooka, The New King Of All Media.

Too bad ol’ Rodney Dangerfield is gone.

Picture “Trumpalooka”...starring Rodney Dangerfield as POTUS.

Talk about a comedy blockbuster.

This voyage goes on and on.

We hope.

Join me aboard Planet Earth, the Cosmos’ most luxurious vessel.

There is no Captain.

There are no Ports Of Call.

It’s just us.

Riding "The Ride Of Life".

Round and round we go.

Where it stops, nobody knows.

Whatta ya think's gonna happen next on our voyage through the Universe?

Who knows, but Cosmic Yachting will make it a lot more fun.

We're all along for the ride on this one.

Might as well enjoy the excursion!